Poetry with no homeland |17.3. 2017 | Helsinki


Poetry with no homeland (Runoja ilman kotimaata) is a series of poetry interventions in public spaces located in East Helsinki during the Multilingual Month Festival (Satakielikuukausi). In its third round, Muhaned Durubi and Daniel Malpica, poets based in Helsinki, will be joined by poets Azita Ghahreman (Stockholm), Tammam Hunaidy (Motala) and Lalo Barrubia (Malmö).

The poetry interventions will be accompanied by music improvisation cellist Sergio Castrillón. Translations available into Finnish and Swedish will be read by Outi Korhonen.

Poetry in Persian, Arabic, Spanish, Finnish and Swedish take over Helsinki!

Organised by Helsingin kulttuurikeskus and Sivuvalo in cooperation with NolitchX.