NOXLit Today

Nordic Exchange in Literature, NOXLit, is a Nordic multilingual literature project.

As part of the strategy to put attention on the multilingual diversity of Nordic literature, NOXLit provides translations into the main languages of the Nordic region as well as translations of main language writers into foreign languages to help project it internationally with help from the international writers in the region. On the webpage and at our events, NOXLit presents what we consider good literature, regardless of the language it’s originally written in, with the aim to connect the different literatures of the region and to create mixed audiences. Creating spaces through literature where we can meet and get to know each other beyond any barriers or frontiers.
The team consists of Roxana Crisólogo of Sivuvalo as Nordic Coordinator, Sacramento Roselló as Network Coordinator in Denmark and Research Coordinator and Petronella Zetterlund as Network Coordinator in Sweden and Project Manager and the project is administrated by Zetterlund’s firm Petzetera.

To make visible the multilingual diversity of Nordic literature, NOXLit has four aims for the period 2020-2022:

  • To maintain and expand the Nordic network of writers, translators, editors, etc., including individuals and associations of both the main Nordic languages, the official minority languages, and immigrant languages. Collaborations with German literature projects will be initiated and NOXLit has established relations with a network of multilingual poetry festivals in the Baltic region. A special focus will be on incorporating and working with women writers.
  • To produce public multilingual readings in different cities of the Nordic region, inviting writers of both the Nordic main languages as well as the minority and immigrant languages. Parallel to these readings, NOXLit plans to organize talks and interviews with the objective to create spaces where writers, regardless of their background or mother tongue, can meet a readership and express their views on literature and talk about their individual literary creations. The interviews will be published under the “Knowledge X” section.
  • To provide translations for the multilingual readings and to organize multilingual translations workshopswhere writers translate each other’s work under supervision of an experienced translator. The results of the workshops will be presented in public readings and published on the project’s webpage and/or in chapbooks.
  • To edit and publish translated literary texts both online at https://noxlit.com/ and in print as chapbooks to spread at readings and in local libraries and bookstores.