Sacramento Roselló-Martínez

Sacramento is Research Coordinator and Network Coordinator Denmark

Sacramento is a writer and researcher in Literature and Cultural Studies. She attained her PhD from Georgetown University and worked as a lecturer in the USA. In 2012 she moved to Denmark as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Medieval Literature at SDU (Odense) where she also taught Hispanic Cultures and Literatures. Since then she has taught at Aarhus University, and the online programs for University of Barcelona and Instituto de Empresa in Spain.

Sacramento has been a Visiting Scholar at University of York in the UK and Universidad de Alicante in Spain where she is researching methodology models for the study of multilingual national literatures; her research explores notions of disruption and innovation as a way of defining national literatures as multilingual dynamic systems. In the fall of 2020, she will join the faculty of English, German and Romance Languages department at University of Copenhagen as a postdoctoral fellow. 

Sacramento has been a volunteer partner with different organizations working on migration and diversity in the Scandinavian arts and culture sector. She leads workshops on inclusion and diversity in Finland and Denmark.