Nils-Henrik Sikku

[ Davvisámegiella ] [ Svenska] [ Español]

English Version: Johan Sandberg McGuinne

Umbora Johka, 
its waters flowing carelessly, 
intermarrying sadness
with the heavy, excessive tears of 
winter, summer, 
whether autumn or spring 
to lack solace,
the right to let tears run freely, 
a moratorium on mourning 
the right to cry 
without permission 
beneath the bridge, 
spanning the Trail of 


Nils-Henrik Sikku is a writer, translator, journalist and interpreter. In Jokkmokk in Nothern Sweden, he is managing his own editorial house with focus on Sámi literature, KulaCultura Publishing – Sámi Girjelágádus. Nils-Henrik is member of the Council for Sámi Literature and the Council for Libraries, both part of the Swedish Author Union. He is co-founder of Bágo Čálliid Siebrie, an asociation for writers and journalists, and Tjállegoahte, the Sami Writer’s Center.

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