L’Esprit du Poème – Pauline Jupin

Digtets Ånd – The Spirit of the Poem


This piece was conceived for the Danish magazine A Little Less Conversationthat dedicated its last issue (#10) to the theme “Ånd” or ”Spirit”.  
In this magazine, readers would find a stamped envelope with my address on and the invitation to send whatever they feel like sending that this stamped envelope could contain. The material would then inspire the spirit of a poem that I will address to them in return. 
So far 20 envelopes arrived in my letterbox. And it has been kind of a journey already. A peculiar conversation with strangers. And it is ongoing. I have no deadlines, I write back when I feel that the answer is ready. 
And who is to say where the poem starts exactly, where the poem ends or where it leads…
Is it a poem or poems? It is for you to build your own conviction. 

You can follow the creative process and read the poems in French, Danish and English on the website of the micro publishing house Arkiv for Detaljer: https://arkivfordetaljer.myshopify.com/blogs/news
The magazine can still be purchased here: 

Concept, poems*, reading, editing: Pauline Jupin ( https://lialeciel.wixsite.com/paulinej
Soundscape: Cédric Elisabeth ( https://soundcloud.com/cedric-elisabeth
* Poems from the Digtets Ånd (The Spirit of the Poem) series: IV to Daniel, VII to Catherine, VIII to Klara  

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