Three videopoems: Pauline Jupin


Rhapsodies collages

Translation: Hans Peter Lund in collaboration with the author Pauline Jupin   


“In this series I experiment with exercises and constraints, popular amongst the formalist, the surrealist and the dadaist poets. Some of the poems are shaped from words picked up randomly in my notebooks and used in automatic writing processes. The others are shaped from nouns, verbs and adjectives picked up randomly in books that I have read and loved. Tributes to those books but also a way to prolong my journey through specific words microcosms.  I then match those poems with images randomly cut in newspapers and magazines. I call those poem-collages “rhapsodies” in the etymologic meaning of: “stitching or stringing songs (words) together.” 

Pauline Jupin

VIDEO CREDITS: Concept, poems*, reading, editing: Pauline Jupin (
Soundscape: Cédric Elisabeth (
* Poems from the Rhapsodies-collages series written on images randomly cut in newspapers and magazines
(if you have information about the image credits:

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