Maailmasta toiseen Festival


Maailmasta toiseen simply means “From one world to another” and implies the convergence of several linguistic and geographical realms in a single place. 

Maailmasta toiseen was conceived as a literary festival in Spanish, Portuguese, and Finnish. It was to take place in Helsinki in Abril 2020. The featured authors would offer a fresh and diverse sample of literature in Iberian languages, as well as reflect on its reception in Finland. Authors from Spain and Latin American based in different European cities would give readings throughout Helsinki. Experienced Finnish and Swedish literary translators were invited to share their insights into the communicating vessels between these two spaces. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the events were held online in September 2020.

Maailmasta toiseen is coorganised by Sivuvalo and Noxlit supported by Nordisk kulturkontakt and Nordisk Kulturfond. Maailmasta toiseen also has support from Taiteen edistämiskeskus – Taike, the Embassy of Mexico in Finland – Embajada de México en Finlandia and Embassy of Spain in Finland, and the support of our colleagues in other institutions like the University of Helsinki. 

Thanks to the contributions of translators Tarja Härkönen, Sofia Sandqvist, and Emma Toukonen. The festival’s presentation, program, and a sample of the participant’s work is also available at 

Videos with conversations and readings at Maailmasta toiseen Festival – Panels.

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