5 Years of Satakieliklubi

Vuotalo (Mosaiikkitori 2)

Satakieliklubi is celebrating its 5th anniversary! The event is a multimedia literature night that introduces and highlights international literature and translation in dialogue with sound art and design. 

The program has been a pioneer experience in Finland, gathering professional and emerging trans-national language writers based in the Nordic region with backgrounds from more than 20 nationalities.

Poets: Najlaa Eltom (Sudan), Kemê(Spain), Petra Mölstad (Sweden), Juho Kuusi Finland) and SOUND POETRY from HEL.
Musicians: Juan de Dios Magdaleno (Modular Synthesizer, Mexico) and Natalia Castrillon (Harp, Colombia). The evening is hosted by Jonna Nummela (aka Nihkee Akka).

Multimedia and concept by Daniel Malpica.

The event will be held in English and Finnish.
Organized by Mutanttikieltä, Vuotalo and NolitchX with support from Kone Foundation and Nordic Culture Point 

Authors and Musicians:

Najlaa Eltom
, a Sudanese writer and translator based in Sweden. She is engaged in literary translation and contributed to the translation of several Sudanese literary texts to English. Her first poetry collection was published in 2007, by Kaf Noon, Cairo. In January 2019 she  released her second  collection, by Rafiqi Publishing House, South Sudan.

Kemê is a visual artist, poet, singer and culture worker based in Helsinki who works with photography, performance, installation and text, Kemê has published one photobook and a photozine which combines fiction and photography and two independent poetry compilations.

Petra Mölstad, is a Swedish Poet and critic. Her debut was the poetry collection Införsel (2013). In 2015, she published Omloppstid and, in 2017, the newly founded editorial house Anti published Vi har hägn. In March 2017, Petra Mölstad was the featured poet in the radio show Månadens diktare at Swedish Radio P1.

Juho Kuusi is a spoken word poet, has won the national Finnish Poetry Slam Championship twice and is a board member of Helsinki Poetry Connection. Juho will bring to the stage an “Animal Themed Spoken Word Poetry Seminar” and you can expect a wide range of styles and emotions, considering both the textual and the performative side of his poetry.

SOUND POETRY from HEL is a Helsinki-based art collective that gather artists from different fields who want to experiment, collaborate and exchange experiences through the art form of sound poetry.

Nihkee Akka(Finnish for “grumpy bitch”) is the award-winning feminist stage poet alter-ego of Jonna Nummela. Nihkee Akka is the ruling Poetry Slam Champion of Finland. With a background in stand-up comedy and clowning Nihkee Akka is a spoken word hybrid pushing the boundaries of poetry through humour and personal politics.

Natalia Castrillón is a harpist from Colombia based in Helsinki interested in sharing the sound of the harp in diverse artistic contexts. She has a master’s degree in Global Music (Glomas) from the Sibelius Academy and also works as a music teacher in the International School of Music Finland.

Juan de Dios Magdaleno was born in Colima, Mexico in 1984. Since the age of 10 he’s been active in music, initially through his Mexican folk heritage. Juan currently lives in Helsinki where he pursues doctoral studies at the Centre for Music and Technology, Sibelius Academy – Arts University Helsinki.

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