Writing Gender in Nordic Literature

9 March 2019
Nordisk kulturkontakt
Kaisaniemenkatu 9,
00100 Helsinki

Talk and Multilingual Poetry reading

Is it easier to construct gender for Nordic writers in democratic societies than elsewhere in the world? How does gender transform with migration? How do different languages express gender and how does gender change in translation?

In relation to the International Women’s Day on March 8th, Nordic multilingual literature project NolitchX and Sivuvalo organize a conversation with poets Lalo Barrubia (Uruguay/SWE) Leif Holmstrand (SWE) and Polina Kopylova (Russia/FIN) on how to present and question gender positions in literature in the Nordic countries Finland and Sweden.

The poets will also read some of their work. The poems will be read in the original language (Russian, Spanish and Swedish) with Finnish translations.
The talk will be moderated by PhD Anne Ketola and held in English.

Lalo Barrubia (Uruguay / Sweden) is a writer and performer. Her work is focused on poetry on the stage where she combines different disciplines. She has published several books of poetry, novels and short stories. She lives in Malmö where she works as a social worker and with translation and dissemination of Latin American poetry.
Photo: Paola Scagliotti

Leif Holmstrand is a Swedish writer, musician and artist, working mostly from a queer / non-straight point of view, with focus on decay, body issues, memory, gender and the readable garbage and waste humans produce as ultimate culture artefacts.
Photo: Arash Arfazadeh

Polina Kopylova (Russia / Finland) Poet, translator and journalist specialized in cinema and television. She is part of Literarus team, the first Russian language literature magazine in Finland. Polina last book “Rakkaat vainajani” appeared in Russian and Finnish.
Photo: Roxana Crisólogo

Organized by NolitchX and Sivuvalo Platform
With support from Nordic Culture Point

Anne Ketola Ph. D Tampere University (Translation Studies) and board member of Sivuvalo.

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