Networking meeting at Tartu International Poetry Festival

Translation was the focus at the Tartu International Poetry Festival that took place 16-19.08.18 in Estonia.
This year the programme included a networking meeting with local writers, cultural producers, and other invited international writers and translators. The festival was chaired by Larissa Joonas, poet and translator from Tartu University of Technology, and cultural producer Viktoria Neborjakina.

Intensive and rich discussions were held with writers Dmitry Grigoriev (Russia), Daria Suhovey (Russia), Jaan Malin (Estonia), Edward Ni (China/Lithuania), Craig Czury (USA), publisher Igor Ulangin (Russia), and Polina Kopylova (Russia/Finland) and Thomas Chepatis (Lithuania) from the Frannie Network on Mobile Multilingual Poetry Festivals.

NolitchX coordinator Roxana Crisólogo was invited to read her poetry and to take part in the networking session to present the NolitchX project as well the Finnish cultural association Sivuvalo Platform, which partner in the NoltichX project and network. In the networking meeting, the importance of professional and good translations was emphasised, even though the performative aspect of poetry itself was also discussed.




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