NolitchX representatives meet with writers, publishers, venues and Norwegian Authors’ Union in Oslo

End of May 2018, NolitchX representatives visited Oslo to make connections with the literary establishment with the purpose to grow the network of immigrant language writers in Norway.

NolitchX coordinator Roxana Crisólogo had a first meeting with Kerstin Bennett, head of the Norwegian Authors’ Union (Den norske Forfatterforening), to present the NolitchX project and to hear the Union’s view on the situation for immigrant language writers in Norway. Another interesting meeting was held with Jarl Solberg at Nordic Black Theatre and Maritea Dæhlin from Trenza Negra. The meetings focused on literary events and multilingual authors’ accessibility to them.

Mexican translator and writer Juan Gutiérrez Maupome, based in Oslo, told us about his plan to fund a bilingual editorial house to publish Norwegian poetry in Spanish and Norwegian.

Persian poet and translator Azita Ghahreman of NolitchX interviewed the talented young Iranian-Norwegian poet Nama Jafari and organised an enriching meeting with Abbas Shokri, another Iranian-Norwegian writer, journalist and publisher. Both Jafari and Shokri highlighted the importance of the community of Iranian writers in Norway.

Abbas Shokri, who has a wide experience of publishing, told us how difficult it has been to continue publishing Iranian authors in their original language in Norway where there is almost no funding for this kind of projects.


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