Multilingual Month blog 16.04.2017

By Petronella Zetterlund, Nordisk koordinator för NolitchX and Roxana Crisólogo, Koordinator för Sivuvalo och NolitchX i Finland

Summary in English:

NolitchX is a literary project that aims to make visible the works of immigrant language authors residing in the Nordic countries. NolitchX creates networks of contacts and collaborations, produces multilingual literary events and coordinates translations and publications to find alternative ways for immigrant language writers to work professionally and to meet the readership in the same geographical region where they live. NolitchX defends the right of every writer to use his or her mother tongue or whatever language he or she chooses to create literature in. From a democratic viewpoint, it is important that all the voices of all the languages present in the Nordic region today are heard, and NolitchX is convinced that any kind of influence between literatures of different languages can only be fruitful.

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