Tao Lin


Who am I?

I ask the forest:
who am I?
The forest answers:
you are a traveller.

I ask the sea:
who am I?
The sea answers:
you are a roaring bubble above the wave.

I ask the sky:
who am I ?
The sky answers:
you are a floating dust in the air.

I ask the earth:
who am I?
The earth answers:
you are written with letters on my shoulders.

I ask myself:
who am I?
My ego answers:
you are your names, your roles, your works.
My spirit answers:
you are the heart and the soul.

Me and you

I am the best me in the world
You are the best you in the world

You and me,
me and you
the best you and the best me in the world

Sparks will burn by the touch
The better world depends on you and me

In the better world
there are you and me, me and you

One spark can start a forest fire

We are us, the best us in the world
One in a huge wholeness


  • Tao Lin
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