Building NolitchX Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange: Network meeting 4-6.6.2016

In Malmö, Sweden, between June 4-6, 2016, there was a network meeting that gathered diverse multilingual literature projects from Nordic countries –Sivuvalo (Helsinki) represented by Roxana Crisólogo and Daniel Malpica, Tre Tärningar (Malmö) with Lalo Barrubia, Azita Ghahreman and Petronella Zetterlund, writer Mazen Maarouf, publisher and producer Elizabeth Torres from Red Door Art studio and Gallery (Copenhague) and cultural producer Efrín Gonzáles (Copenhague)– with the aim to start a Nordic project focusing on immigrant language literature in the region. The main workshop was held in Literature centre Poeten på hörnet. The Project NolitchX was founded and formalised through a series of meetings, application workshops and readings between September 8-11, 2016.

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